My Story

Yes. I was born and raised in Texas. My home is still on Galveston Bay. It seems that I can barely stand to be away from the humid salt air. At a young age, I learned to play guitar from my sister and toyed with it sitting on the rooftop outside of my bedroom late nights after the rest of the family had gone to bed.
I continued playing guitar for fun throughout my college days and when I returned home the yearning to sing drew me to local jam sessions to play. I was fortunate enough to meet some very fine musicians early on and began playing with some of them around the Clear Lake area.

Honing my guitar skills and singing chops doing solo gigs and fronting a couple of very entertaining bands (Janet Z. and the Pluckin’ Hombres, The Janet Z. Band, Janet Z. and the Cheap Shots), eventually led me to writing my own music.

Gruene Rain (pronounced Green Rain) was my debut album. I started recording it at the Green Room in Austin with Rob Halverson and Thor Harris and

Singing in Center Point, Texas

Singing in Center Point, Texas

brought it back to Houston to the famed Sugar Hill Studios to finish up with Bert Wills, Benny Brasket and Andy Bradley. This was a monumental step for me to document my private efforts and open them up to public view…and criticism. While recording at Sugar Hill, I crossed paths with Tommie Lee Bradley and Paul English who were also recording there. Tommie Lee and I struck up a friendship and collaborative duo that led to the writing of several songs that eventually wound up on my second album, Whisper.

For those of you music buffs that just want to know, this record was made in Buda, Texas (South Austin) with Layton DePenning (Denim) and Freddie Krc (Freddie Steady Five, The Rockin’ Apostles, Roky Erikson, Jerry Jeff Walker). Freddie had his way with my songs and produced a first rate album!

This is where I get to drop a few names! I’ve had the fine opportunity to share the stage with Asleep at the Wheel, Joe Ely, Carolyn Wonderland and Maria Muldaur, John Mooney, Jumpin’ Johnny Sansone, the late Junior Medlow, Bert Wills, Sisters Morales, Kenny Cordray, Tommie Lee Bradley, Paul English, Freddie Krc, Benny Brasket, Danny D., Earl Foote and John Permenter  – just to name a few. Currently, I have a fine duet with my friend and co-conspirator, David Hargraves.

Music has taken me to play venues all across Texas from Fredricksburg to Nacogdoches and parts North (Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, New York) I’ve played at Festivals, clubs and fundraising events that I support. I’ve been privileged to be invited to play on air at KFAN in the Texas Hill Country and KPFT in Houston and I consider Mr. & Mrs. Vee & Nancy of Blues on the Move and the Blueshound and Baby Girl of Howlin’ the Blues as my friends. They have been an immeasurable support!

What else do you want to know? I’m grew up in Texas so, I’m pretty comfortable lounging around in a pair of button down Levi’s and Dan Post cowboy boots. Some don’t know that I’m also at home in a a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps and pillbox hat! I do love me some fashion.

I’m also pretty crazy about chocolate and coffee and not in that order! That’s not unusual but if you want to get on my good side, pair those two highly effective stimulants and I’ll be on board for just about anything for the next few hours!

Brooklyn, New York is my second home, currently. I’ve made a pretty sweet friend that allows me to inhabit her space for a few months out of the year. There is no place like New York!