The Year of the Dog

Posted by on Jan 10, 2018

Hello and welcome the Year of the Dog. Honest and loyal, dogs are the truest and most reliable partners. Vietnamese legend has it that the Dog was placed 11th in the zodiac because of his late arrival to the Emperor’s party. It seems that the Dog was so busy playing in the river that he lost all track of time and arrived late to the party. All that to say, may you have loyal friends and play in the river so long that you lose track of time!


What a perfect segway to highlight one of my favorite people in the world. Loyal and steadfast, David Hargraves. He is a guitar virtuoso. I have had so much fun playing music with him that the time has flown by.

For those who do not know, David Hargraves, he is an amazing musician. He and I have played music together in different settings and configurations since circa 1990. My first gig was with David Hargraves at Lance’s Prime Time Cafe.  That was a long time ago. We have both written a few new songs since then. I’m proud to call him my friend, collaborator and music partner. Dave also plays guitar with several other bands including Coldfeet and music legend, Freddie Krc.

David Hargraves and I are starting off our playing calendar with a night of music at one of our favorite venues – Mainly Drinks in LaPorte, Texas. If you have not been to this historic restaurant, you are in for a treat. LaPorte is our hometown and we love going back to play music.

Pass this on to your friends that enjoy live music and may not have signed up for my newsletter yet.  It only comes out when I have a gig! We work hard to make every performance a great experience for the folks that come to the show.